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Costa Rica Picture of the Day – Brown Pelican

Costa Rica Picture of the Day  – Each day the Costa Rican Times will be including a picture from around Costa Rica to see the natural beauty and amazing things that we get to see each day in the land of the Pura Vida.

Bird watching is quite the pastime in Costa Rica. Tourists and travelers from around the world come to Costa Rica to try to get a peek at some of the birds that call Costa Rica home. One of these is the Brown Pelican…

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast’s sky is dotted with V formations of birds, their beaks pointing the way to the evening’s roosting spot. These are brown pelicans, which are found in great numbers along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

Their broad wingspan, which can reach eight feet, allows for the species’ unique plunging ability. This is the only pelican species to dive for their food. Brown pelicans glide close to the ocean’s surface, and when prey is spotted they rise 30 feet into the air before dive-bombing into the sea.

The picture below was submitted by Mari Rodriguez, if you want pictures from Mari, feel free to write to contact her.

Flying Free In Costa Rica

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