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Costa Rica Photography Book; A View From Above

Costa Rica News – You may remember seeing Costa Rica from above, just before your plane landed. What a beautiful view…..

Costa Rica a View From AboveSergio and Giancarlo Pucci certainly thought so, as they decided to fly over the country for two years to make a book of photography.

They flew in various planes and helicopters. They believe that we should pause and see things from another perspective to rediscover a place. From the air, nothing is irrelevant.

The book contains 300 pages and 270 photographs of rivers, beaches, volcanoes, sunsets, festivals, bull fights, animals, forests, crops, parks, and special events, like the annual pilgrimage and the victory during the World Cup.

The artists realize we are interconnected with nature, so they printed on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Additionally, they are planting 200 native trees to offset the 10 tons of CO2 produced during their 70 hours of flying on 10 aircraft.

The book, Costa Rica From Above, is available in Spanish and English and costs ¢24,500 at Britt and Librería Internacional. 10% of profits go to the Magic Trees Foundation.

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