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Costa Rica Patient Missing for Five Days from Hospital

Costa Rica News – Well this could be an interesting unsolved mystery in Costa Rica.  The last time the family of Alberto Figueroa Miguel Umaña saw him was five days ago, when the builder was in the Emergency Room of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose.

costa rica patient vanishesThe 53-year-old from Desamperados disappeared from the medical center on Monday morning while waiting for the results of some tests he conducted.

Since then, his sister, Jania Umaña, and the rest of his family have traveled streets, hospitals and morgues to locate him, but to no avail.

Hospital Administration reported that at 10 am on Monday the patient did not return calls.

Víriam Mejias, head nurse of the hospital, said Umaña was an outpatient basis, so he was stable and did not need to be hospitalized.

He explained that the medical center can not require patients to stay, and that if someone leaves without warning, it is reported as leaking. Then, said the doctor, relatives are called and given notice to 911, as was said in this case,

Before yesterday Umana’s family filed a complaint of his disappearance to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).

He suffers from diabetes and underwent a kidney transplant, so he is a regular patient Calderon Guardia Hospital.

He recalled that on Sunday, at about 9 pm, his brother fell ill and a neighbor took him to the clinic site. Then he moved the center by ambulance to the Hospital.

At 6 am, the family learned that he was stable.

However, an acquaintance asked for help to learn more about the state of Umaña.

“The husband of a colleague of mine works there. He said, ‘Jania, do not you see that he escaped? The last medical was at 3: 30 am ‘. It was about 10 am when I called. However, my aunt called back to the hospital and said he was stable, “narrated Jania Umaña.

The family emphasized he had no mental health problems. He explained that his brother’s car still in the house, and that he had few documents and sandals.

The family is worried about his health and asks that if anyone has information, to communicate 2295-3321 or 2295-3311 phones, the OIJ.

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