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Costa Rica Passing But Not Implementing Laws

Costa Rica News – We all know that this happens everywhere but for all those that say that government knows better than private enterprise on how to be efficient, I think you are sorely mistaken.

HomerSimpson36Government should be held accountable for their actions or lack there of, but unfortunately it will never happen. Too much power has been given to these leaders of countries around the world. Although they say they are acting in the best interest of their population I have my doubts. I will stop myself now before I go into an endless rant.

In June 2012, there was a second debate among the Legislature of Costa Rica, in which they decided to create “Casas Cantonales de la Juventud,” places meant to promote youth development. The law authorized municipalities to donate or lease unused buildings to host youth activities. The problem is that they did not allocate any finances to this project.

This effort to keep kids off the street is not the only initiative that was approved without funding. In fact, between 2011-2013, 63 laws were made, creating new functions, without establishing financing mechanisms.

Of the 108 laws that were enacted in that time period that expanded the functions of existing public institutions, only 28 of them were allocated income. No wonder Costa Rica’s fiscal debt is increasing.

The Finance Minister, Edgar Ayales, said “It is necessary to establish a discipline in which no law is passed in the Legislative Assembly without generating new revenue to fund additional expenses in the state.” “The practice that exists to approve expenses without finance is one of the biggest discussions we’ve had in the process of Fiscal Consolidation,” Ayales continued.

Although these laws were put in place to possible play important roles in helping the local population of Costa Rica the money was kept in the pockets of the rulers of the nation and yet they will take credit for “passing” these reforms.


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