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Costa Rica Parents Can Decide if Children Receive Sex Education

Well way to go Costa Rica, you prove once again you know how to avoid trying to fix a huge problem.  This time the problem you are ignoring is the 20% pregnancy rate of your female teens.  What is going to happen with you allowing the parents to determine if their children are going to get sex ed classes is none of the parents are going to want to be the ones going against the catholic church or seen as unholy so they will not have their kids in the class. There will be 2 or 3 students in the class all of which will drop out after a few days as they will not want to be picked on by the other kids.  The result of this decision is……you got it…… sex ed for children.

sex education costa ricaThis was the decision of the majority of judges of the Constitutional Court in a close vote yesterday, which was 4 to 3 on the wearing of the course.

Ana Virginia Calzada, president of the Supreme Court, said it would be like getting religion.

In that case, parents who profess a belief different from Catholic, ask in writing that their children be excluded from that course.

“As the theme of sexuality affects religious principles, develop a topic of conscientious objection. Because it matters that may involve a violation of religious choice of individuals, parents should be consulted, “said Calzada.

Resources were declared by the judges instead Luis Paulino Mora, Gilbert Armijo, Fernando Cruz and Fernando Castillo. Voted against Ernesto Jinesta, Calzada and Paul Wheel.

Even the last two judges suggested that the minor to attend these lessons even if their parents do not want.

What I rejected the Constitutional Court is that the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) have to consult all parents when developing a program of study, and so called parents, confirmed the judge Calzada.

Risk. Leonardo Garnier, Minister of Education, sees a danger in believing that the ruling opens a loophole for parents excuse their children from attending a core subject for religious reasons.

“Someone might say that science does not want the child to go to the chapter on evolution or the theory of big bang (tries to explain the origin of the universe) because it conflicts with religious beliefs, or Social Studies, part of the story contradicts what he meant in a religious text, “said Garnier.

At the same time, the hierarch of Education urged parents to allow their children to wear during sex and affection.

Garnier insisted that there is a program focused on the genitals and reproductive, but has an emphasis on management of affection and dignity.

For his part, Juan Luis Calvo, president of the Evangelical Alliance, said he was “partially satisfied” with the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Calvo insists that should open a dialog for teaching about sexuality and emotional self does not fall.

“There needs to all sectors of civil society involved in this area participate to give a real sex education, but in the bad, that the Board has decided in this sense is the best,” said evangelical leader.

Evangelical groups promoted among parents filing appeals. The Board voted yesterday to 1,500, but it remains to be seen around 5,000 more.

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