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Costa Rica Outbreak of Diarrhea in Parrita

Costa Rica News – Well if you are headed to Parrita you might want to be careful what you eat and drink in the area as there is an outbreak of diarrhea in the area.  Registration of cases of diarrhea in Parrita (Puntarenas) has shot in the last two weeks, according to the Health Ministry in the area in a statement.

The doctor Edgar Carrillo, director of the Department of Health, said that up to Friday they had reported 90 cases of diarrhea: 35 registered this week and 55 in the last.

Meanwhile, during this year, cases of the disease in Parrita does not usually exceed 12 per week, Carrillo said.

The most affected group is the population are those ranging from 15 to 40 years, although it is possible that a lot of children and older adults are affected by the condition.

“This is not to alarm the population, but warn them and keep her informed of the situation,” said the doctor. This is intended to take preventive measures to curb the outbreak.

Some of the recommendations are detailed by Carrillo boil water, wash your hands, avoid dehydration, not drinking water that is not chlorinated or boiled water and seek medical center immediately if you have symptoms.

Among the preventive measures will be tomorrow to visit schools and deliver soap and informative material.

The origin of the increase in cases will be investigated, also tomorrow, by the Social Security Fund, together with the Ministry of Health.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    I use charcoal pills for upset stomach it really works!. I take Buscapina for nausea and of course lomtil for diarrhea. This is for emergency until I can follow up with the Doctor.. Many kids tell me the bathrooms at school have no soap or paper towels. The also have to look for toilet paper.

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