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Costa Rica on Watch for New Mosquito Born Zika Virus

Costa Rica News – The Ministry of Health is concerned that the Zika virus that originated in Brazil in February may arrive in Costa Rica.

mosquito zika virus costa rica 1The virus causes symptoms similar to those of Dengue Fever and is also transmitted by mosquitoes.

Vigilance is high but no cases have been detected thus far in the country. One symptom unique to this virus is that it causes conjunctivitis (pink eye), an inflammation of the eye. It is not as serious as Dengue, as it does not lead to death.

Zika symptoms generally last four to seven days and include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain and weakness. Hands, legs and feet may swell and the skin may develop a rash. Symptoms are similar in Chikungunya as well. There are 160 cases of Chikungunya in Costa Rica.

There are 1,439 patients being treated for Dengue. This is 50% lower than last year’s figure in the same week. Limón and Garabito are the areas most negatively affected by these mosquito born illnesses.

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