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Costa Rica OIJ Agent Charged with Sexual Harassment; Punishment Enough?

Costa Rica News – In the machismo society that is Costa Rica, it is very hard for a woman to speak out against sexual harassment.  Most voices are muted due to trepidation of the consequences of speaking out. But voices are finally being heard.

oij costa rica 1A technician at the Criminal Archive of the Judicial Investigation Organization reported a colleague for sexual harassment, including offering a car in exchange of sex, saying obscenities about her in front of coworkers and staring at her.

Although the court could not be sure of all the facts, it was proven that some sexual harassment had happened, at the least. A two month suspension without pay and transfer to another office was the punishment endorsed.

It was proven that he would pass by her making inappropriate gestures such as signaling oral sex. He also told a coworker in a degrading way about how he felt after having sex with the woman.

Many argue that this repeated bullying of a sexual nature unwanted and repudiated should have had a more serious punishment, such as revocation of appointment.

No one should be made to feel that they can’t go to work because of such abuse.

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