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Costa Rica National Team Prepares for World Lacrosse Championships

Costa Rica Sports News – For the majority of the residents of Costa Rica both expats and locals, the sport of lacrosse is a mystery about which most do not have much knowledge. A a matter of fact most did not know that Costa Rica has a national lacrosse team. 

costa rica lacrosseI grew up playing lacrosse in Texas and taking trips to the east coast in high school to go against the best teams in the nation.  I have watched as Texas lacrosse grew from about a 10 to 12 team league to where it is at most high schools in the state.

The way I describe the sport to most people that have never heard of it is kind of like ice hockey played on grass and in the air with hard hitting like american football.  Probably not the best description but gets the point across.

The world lacrosse championships will be held in Denver this year. The schedule and details are official. There will be a lot of lacrosse! The start date for the World Lacrosse Championships is July 10th.

Costa Rica is thrilled to be participating. They now know who their rivas will be. They were placed in the “Gray” division, which means they will face the Czech Republic, Poland, and Turkey.

Depending on how they play on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, the following games will be decided. The expectation is very high for this team, because its the first to represent the country at the World Cup of lacrosse.

They have been having high-level scrimmages to prepare including teams like Princeton.

Let’s see if they can stand up to teams like Spain, USA, Israel, Korea, and Canada.

Lacrosse was an Olympic sport from 1904-1948, then in 1974, the men’s lacrosse world championships began.

 If you want to help the team with needed donations to get to the tourney in Denver visit the Costa Rica lacrosse facebook page.

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