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Costa Rica National Dance Company Performs “Taciturno” This Weekend

Costa Rica Entertainment News – This weekend the National Dance Company will bring us a work called “Taciturno.”

taciturno dance costa ricaTaciturno refers to a person of few words that is struggling with something deep inside, battling emotions.

The audience will be brought into this interpretation of the introspection of one’s emotional state because each member will be onstage with the dancers. There is room for 140 people.

The dancers are expected to create a nostalgia through the closeness with the onlookers.

There is a melancholy tone to the work that has developed through the choreographer’s personal experience with deaths and transitions.

The sudden motions of the dancers are meant to refer to both the physical and emotional state of feeling gloomy and lethargic, reflective and turbulent. Lighting and sound effects will further create the intended vibe.

Tickets cost ¢5,000.

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