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Costa Rica National Dance Company Classes for Disabled People

Costa Rica News – Four people with disabilities are accompanying members of the National Dance Company for four weeks of an inclusive dance workshop.

Foto: Albert Marín.

It’s been six working days so far, of four hours each.

Four people with disabilities and ten people from the National Dance Company have been brought together to learn how to better incorporate those with disabilities in choreography and exercise.

Wendy Chinchilla was partnered with Marisol Madrigal. Their dance includes two turns made to seem in slow motion after Wendy lifts Marisol out of her wheelchair.

Luis Flores also leaves his wheelchair. He does balance exercises with other dancers passing under or above him as he makes a bridge with his body. He also has a part walking between his partner’s legs.

In 2021, Costa Rica will have one million people with disabilities. Efforts are being made now to find ways to integrate all populations in all possible areas.

This workshop shows that artists with disabilities can participate in dance. The participants hope to get more of this population starting at an earlier age.

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