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Costa Rica Minister of Environment Says No Environmental Study was Needed on Border Trail

Costa Rica News – I seriously cannot make these things up.  The Environment Minister René Castro said that it was not necessary to do a “traditional” environmental impact study prior to the construction of the new trail parallel to the San Juan River. Really? Seriously? So it is necessary to do environmental impact studies on every other construction project in Costa Rica, except this one? I would think that if you are constructing on a river that is 110 miles long you would find it necessary to see the impact of constructing on it.  But I guess the government will say anything no matter how stupid to defer blame on this fiasco.

costa rica border trailThis, he said, because it is an emergency work for the country.  This was stated in his testimony before the Legislative Committee on Environment. The Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae) is the unit responsible for executing and environmental issues in the trail.

“In this case, there is a study of traditional environmental impact, because this is usually done before and because there is the option to decide whether public or private-work-done or not done.

“Emergency works not possible to envisage a yes or no, should be performed. In other words, there is no opportunity to make provision, design or doubt, simply must act rationally, “said the head of the Environment.

Given that statement, Rep. Walter Cespedes, the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), argued that an emergency decree does not exempt any state institution or executing unit to manage permissions.

“All permits must be administered. The emergency decree is what enables faster, but not processed, “he said.

Just wondering but why is a dirt trail between Nicaragua and Costa Rica an “emergency project”? Government officials needed quick cash?   If it was not built would something terrible happened in Costa Rica?

Minister attenuated the damage caused by the construction and explained that much of the trail is in an area that “we had a change in land use and, therefore, cut trees and the environmental impact is less than that photographs may suggest “.

Castro reported that Minae filed 24 criminal complaints (since 2010) and seized 1209 wooden stumps from both businesses and individuals trying to smuggle in the sector where the trail was built. In other words, do not worry about the bad things we did, look at the god things we say we did, which is probably BS too.

“Those rascals were sent to court and Sarapiqui Pococí with their criminal charges,” he said. Of the species found, 78 have commercial value including 276 almond stumps.

Concerning things to come, Castro explained that the seized timber will become school desks. I personally would love to see these school desks that he is speaking about. Perhaps he should just admit now that they took this timber and sold it for a profit themselves. Better t tell the truth now than when it comes out later.

In addition, he said, Minae advised and monitored closely the National Roads Authority (Conavi), in the process to reduce the environmental impact in affected areas. For some reason I do not quite believe this statement either.

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