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CR Medical Travel & Tourism Summit Discount

On April 24th, 2013 PROMED will be hosting the 4th Annual Medical Travel Conference on Health Living and Retirement at the luxurious Los Suenos Marriot Ocean and Golf Resort, Playa Herradura, one of the best hotels of the area, filled with luxury and a inviting atmosphere.

Costa Rica Medical Travel Summit 2013Costa Rica is one of the leading countries in Medical Tourism and Health in the region, with a health system ranked above the United States and 4th in Latin America. and more than fifty million Americans do not have medical insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover all of their needs. Health Tourism is becoming a solution to this problem.

The Medical Travel Summit is an innovative approach to doing business and networking, by providing participants an easygoing environment to do business and creating opportunities to establish new enterprises.

Consistent with the theme of this year – Healthy Living & Retirement- PROMED has assembled a collection of speakers that will share their expertise and a group of top Latin American companies in the industry.

With over 500 attendees from 15 countries this event is the largest and most important Medical Tourism Health Summit in Latin America.

As a co-sponsor the Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce and negotiated a special discounted rate for our members and local interested parties to attend.

For only $125 you get full access to the conference, workshops and training.

If you are involved or interested in Medical Tourism, Real Estate, Development or are a medical practitioner this summit is an excellent opportunity to network and learn. Sit on on the following talks, meet buyers and investors.

1) Medical Tourism: A Development Opportunity for Latin America.

2) Business climate in Costa Rica for Medical Tourism and Retirement Living Investments

3) Medical Travel: The US Perspective

4) Receive training on how to create a medical tourism package

For further details on the conference we have attached the Promed Summit brochure for your review.

For further information or to purchase your $125 entrance please contact the Chamber office at 2643-2853 or [email protected]

For the PDF About the Conference & Schedule. Click Here


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