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Costa Rica Medical System

Costa Rica is a healthy place to live in; not just because of the fresh, non-preservative-laden foods that are found in every Costa Rican’s diet, nor of the welcoming sun-soaked climate

– but because of the fact that Costa Rica’s nationalized health care system ensures that all Costa Ricans enjoy the health and life expectancy equal to that of more developed nations.

The health care system and state-owned monopoly in health insurance are rated very highly on the international level, even higher to that of the United States. Coupled with the fact that Costa Rica also prides itself in having excellent public and private hospitals, it’s no wonder that most Costa Ricans feel that access to reliable and universal health care is a right, not just a commodity.

This fact is also among one of the many reasons – such as pristine beaches and a wide variety of activities – why Costa Rica is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for foreigners in search of topnotch healthcare for a fraction of what it would normally cost in their home countries.

Costa Rica’s longstanding commitment to health and social reform has placed it far above its Central American neighbors. Focusing primarily on the well being of its people, this tiny, yet overachieving nation understands that prioritizing health and education for its citizens is the key to their nation’s success.

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