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Costa Rica Medical School Ucimed Allows ‘Dreadlocks’

San Jose, Costa Rica –  University of Medical Sciences (Ucimed) decided allow the student, Darnell Campbell, to have dreadlocks in his hair, after a Constitutional Court ruling that was released this afternoon. I have no idea why this rule was even in place as a student should be able to wear their hair how they want.  I do however think that a person has a better chance at a job if they look more professional.

The vote was in favor of Campbell, who charged that they prevented him from entering the school in February this year, because of the rasta hairstyle.

According to a press release, the judges felt that the university authorities did not justify “objectively and reasonably”, the requirement that Campbell cut the dreadlocks .

For the judges, “the issue is a university student and his image rights, who by their age and conditions, is free to take care of their personal presentation, provided that this does not offend public morals or public order” , says the press release.

“Likewise, it is found that your style of hair, which is not long, does not break the rules of the institution,” he adds.

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