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Costa Rica Marchamo Must Be Paid by Dec 31st

Costa Rica News – Well after the Costa Rican government overcharged people that paid their 2013 marchamo early they are now pushing people to pay or been fined penalties for those that do not pay in the next week.  Like most things in Costa Rica when it comes to you getting paid it takes time but if they are going to get money they will enforce the deadline. If you did not understand that sentence here is a real life Costa Rica example.

If you want cable or electricity set up at your residence ICE and Amnet will take their time to get that installed, but if you are 1 day late in paying your bill (which many times you will never get because of the mail system) your electricity or cable will be cut off that day.

The same thing goes with Matchamo, in order to get a refund for those that paid early and too much they will probably get their refund in about 4 weeks, but if you do not pay your marchamo by December 31st your fines will be enforced right away.

54% of the registered owners with vehicles and approached the windows of the National Insurance Institute (INS) and other collection centers to pay their Marchamo for 2013.

This 54% represents a group of 609,000 drivers just over one million auto owners.

In economic terms, the INS has already raised ¢ 84,208,000.

According to the Traffic Law vehicle owners have until Dec. 31 to pay their Marchamo, after that date you must pay fines.

Moreover, those who do not pay are exposed to penalties provided in the Traffic Act, which include the seizure of the plates and the retention of the vehicle.

The INS said that those who paid the Marchamo through its website ( may withdraw the voucher in the mobile home to be placed in front of the headquarters of the institution, in San Jose, during the 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 December.

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