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Costa Rica; Low Risk of Conflict in 2014

Costa Rica News – Iin everyday life in Costa Rica there is a very low risk of conflict and confrontation; The country of Costa Rica as a whole mimics this persona in general. 

pax Sequestration book.inddThe British “Economist” published an annual report on the topic of “Risk of social conflict in 2014.” In it, they analyzed 150 countries on criteria such as their type of government, ethnic tensions, and income inequality.

Because of upcoming elections and other political processes, they expect most of Latin America to have a year full of uprisings and protests. The report said, “Declining revenues and rising unemployment are not always followed by conflict. Of particular importance seems to be the erosion of trust in government and its institutions: a crisis of democracy.”

Costa Rica is the only exception in Central America. It is in the report, but is labeled as “low risk of conflict in 2014.” The only other Latin American countries with low risk are Chile and Uruguay. Other low risk nations include Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, United States, Iceland, New Zealand, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Those in the high risk box include Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Brazil, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru. El Salvador has a medium risk of conflict in this coming year. The risk of conflict in the report refers to “events that pose a serious threat to governments and the existing political order.”



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