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Costa Rica Locking Down on Black Friday Purchases & Taxing Them

Costa Rica News – You might not get to save much money if you are buying on Black Friday and importing those goods into Costa Rica.  You might be better off flying Southwest Airlines to the USA and picking up a couple of suitcases of gifts.

black-friday-costa rica 1Be aware that the National Customs Service will be on the lookout for purchases made online on Black Friday and will be reviewing packages entering the country. They have the power to hold items up to a year if there is suspicion of tax evasion.

Taxes can be paid online before shipping the items. You should not use shipping companies with flat rates, as items must be listed in order to be properly taxed. There is a tax exemption that applies when a family member or friend sends something from abroad.

There are certain requirements to be aware of, as well, for example, used products are not allowed to be imported. Cosmetics, perfumes and creams are only allowed to be imported with the permission of the Ministry of Health.

An informative campaign will be held in the upcoming days to make everyone aware of requirements for importation of electronics and other purchases.

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