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Costa Rica Legalizing Growing Marijuana for Personal Use?

Costa Rica News – I do not think the cartels will like this too much but it is a thought. 

growing marijuanaThe Public Defense supports planting marijuana when it is for personal consumption. This position was revealed following a complaint about lawyer Mario Cerdas Salazar, against whom there were four counts of marijuana cultivation.

The Deputy Director of Public Defense said that Costa Rica wants to illegally punish those who consume drugs. He also stated that growing marijuana should be seen as an effective way to fight illicit drug trafficking and organized crime.

Criminal courts have recognized over and over again the right to possess and cultivate marijuana so long as it is not intended for trafficking.

If it’s an amount for horticulture or personal use it’s supposed to be allowed by law, according to both Costa Rican law and the regulations of the United Nations.

It seems that Cerdas is being unfairly persecuted. His rights to privacy have been violated, as his home was raided five times.

Undercover agents were sent to try to purchase marijuana from him and he told them it was for his personal use only, yet they keep pursuing him.

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