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Costa Rica Launches Ashtanga Yoga Magazine

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica welcomes a new magazine, one geared specifically at connecting the global community of Ashtanga Yoga participants. The Ashtanga Magazine is an online publication brought to Ashtanga practitioners by an all Costa Rican team.

Ashtanga Yoga costa rica magazine 1Laura Quiros, a web designer, had a dream about making this web publication. She, an editor,  and a yoga teacher made it happen. They shared the desire to create a virtual meeting place to share and learn this art form.

“[Practitioners] are all over the world, and Ashtanga is a demanding practice. A lot of people practice alone most of the year, and we want to be a source of inspiration and information for everyone who gets on their mat 6 days a week to become better human beings and achieve self-realization,” explained Gabriela Diaz, the editor.

The headquarters is in Costa Rica, but the publication is in English. Soon they plan to have a Spanish translation available, as well. Based on the number of visitors they’re getting online, it seems there was an unmet hunger for something like this. They have plans to take the magazine to print in a couple of months and send it to all parts of the world, especially Mysore, India, home to Ashtanga Yoga.


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