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Costa Rica School To Host Teen Spanish Summer Camp

Is it possible you are interested in experiencing the beauty and culture, as well as the language, of Costa Rica? If you have been waiting to find the perfect opportunity to become more fluent in the Spanish language, there’s a great opportunity you should know about.

teen spanish camp intercultura 1Intercultura has hosted teens ages 13-17 for over 20 years and helped them improve their Spanish skills, which will help them throughout life. It’s the experience of a lifetime! A summer camp like none other. If you are a teen or have a teen, keep reading.

What better way to learn the Spanish language or to experience the culture of Costa Rica then to be fully and completely immersed and surrounded by it? From June 8th, 2014 to August 4th, 2014, if you are a teen between the ages of 13 and 17, you have the opportunity to become a part of this intercultural Spanish camp.

Students- The length of time you will participate and the level of experience you will gain depends solely on your own availability, comfort and commitment. The minimum length of your stay must be at least one week, however you have the option to be a part of this rewarding and educational experience, where you will gain insight and knowledge, for the entirety of the program (two months), or any length of time in between. Your trip will always start on a Sunday.

So Students (and parents) how about a little insight and information regarding what you will have to look forward to throughout your journey when you join the 2014 Spanish Summer camp in Costa Rica….

You will be continuously surrounded by rich culture and extravagant beauty. There are private as well as group classes available. The groups never exceed six students and have your safety and comfort in mind. You will also have the company of a native English Chaperone alongside you for your journey. Your days will be packed full of different ways to enhance your learning, as well as understanding of the Spanish language, culture, and heritage. Lessons were built for and around you, the teen, and your desire to be challenged with knowledge while you enthusiastically experience historic Heredia and the beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica.

Each student will be immersed within the community and hosted by a local, loving and trustworthy homestay family. Each student will have a private room. You will be made to feel right at home and treated as a family member, within their home. You  will share breakfast and dinner, as well as join the family on outings.

You will be given 20 intensive hours of Spanish Immersion classes and study at the historic Heredia teen spanish camp interculturacampus. Your bilingual chaperone will assist you and be with you on all of the group activities. Some of the many activities you will experience as a student include, but are not limited to, weekend trips to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches and mountains and mid-week trips to volcanoes, gorgeous waterfalls and animal sanctuaries. You will even experience coffee and chocolate tours. You will get to let loose when you involve yourselves in Latin dancing and cooking classes. There will be ample opportunity to test your language comprehension while watching movies in Spanish!  You will be given the opportunity to join local volunteer projects and exchange dialogue with local teens.

Your independence, growth, global knowledge, and awareness will all be greatly encouraged.   These experiences will be an excellent benefit to you when filling out college applications or looking for a job.

Sound enjoyable? Educational? Rewarding? How about exciting, enticing, adventurous, and again, an opportunity of a lifetime? Definitely way more interesting than hanging with your parents all summer! Regardless of what area of this article caught your attention, I encourage you to GO FOR IT!  It is such an amazing and incredible opportunity and you only live once, right?  This will definitely be one of those life experiences you will not soon forget, and you will be beyond enthusiastic to share the story with others.  My suggestion is find your suitcase, dig out your passport and get excited!  Seems like more than a phenomenal way to spend a week or two or eight and sure beats learning Spanish at school. The best way to learn is always through experience and Intercultura Teen Spanish Camp will definitely be one extensive learning experience, that, best of all, is fun! While your friends get bored by the pool, you will be living it up in Costa Rica. Have your parents sign you up today.

Parents- I know what you’re wondering: about the prices and sign-up process. The price chart and sign-up link are below:


  • For 1 week: $1,300
  • For 2 weeks: $2,500
  • For 3 weeks: $3,700
  • For 4 weeks: $4,900
  • each additional week: $1,100

Tuition includes: classes, homestay, all meals, local ground transportation, all excursions & activities, and volunteer placement.  Airfare to/from Costa Rica is not included.

To register, click here:

For the  Teen Information Packet (including all the important travel details, packing list, etc.) or more info, [email protected] or toll free at 1-8448-SPANISH

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