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Costa Rica Landslides Cause Closure of Route From Buenos Aires and Palmar Norte

Costa Rica News – For those of you travelling in the southern area of Costa Rica, you might want to check to make sure the route you plan on using is open for through traffic.

Police closed the road between Palmar Norte and Buenos Aires, because of the danger of new landslides being caused by the heavy rain in that area. Glad to see that they are thinking ahead and not waiting for someone to get hurt before shutting these routes down.

Mauricio Valverde, area transit official explained that the slide was not very large but because of the rain the machinery had failed to enter and clean up the area.

“The route will be closed until tomorrow  morning because the machinery can not enter for security and safety reasons.” “We hope that this area will be reopened in the early hours of the morning,” said Valverde.

Floods also affected the sector of Pocales, between Quepos and Parrita. There the Pocales river overflowed in the town preventing the passage of vehicles for a few hours.

Get used to this Costa Rica the next 6 weeks are the rains are going to pick up.

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