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Costa Rica Journalists Become OIJ Agents for a Day

Costa Rica News – Well I was not invited to this but would have liked to attend.  The OIJ is pretty much the only law enforcement agency I believe does a good job in Costa Rica, as compared to the police (fuerza publica) and the overall enforcement of laws in Costa Rica. 

In a workshop to cover events called “OIJ Takes Colper Building” journalists became agents for a day.

The drill was held at the premises of the Journalists Association (Colper) in Sabana Este, and was organized together with the Investigation Agency (OIJ).

“The aim is to sensitize both police and journalists of the roles that both groups play,” said Francisco Segura, acting director of the OIJ.

Other secondary objectives of the exercise, was the rapprochement between the two groups of professionals to journalists and police are not as enemies.

Nathalie Rosales, a journalist with Channel 9, said the workshop was very educational. “The experience as a negotiator was very stressful. Across the yellow tape, the reporter does not notice the stress level of the officers, ” she said.

Hellen Zuniga, deputy director of the newspaper La Prensa Libre , found that exercise helps to understand and respect each other’s work in times of crisis.

“Journalists must learn to respect the work of the police, especially in times of crisis. Sometimes you do not realize the difficult situation they are in and only thinks of getting information, “said Zuniga.

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