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CR Is Making US Soccer’s Welcome Miserable

Costa Rica Sports News – Well the good news is the Costa Ricans are showing their true immature colors.  From the time the US Men’s National Team stepped foot off the plane they have been harassed and made to feel anything but at home or comfortable. What the Ticos do not know is this is probably pumping up the team even more for the World Cup Qualifying match this Friday.

usa costa rica soccer world cup qualfying 1The Costa Ricans are making it as difficult as possible for the US team, denying them training grounds and even going so far as to refuse them game balls for practice. Fortunately, they came prepared with their own balls…..I guess the Ticos did not plan on anyone thinking ahead or bringing the needed items to perform their job.  If you have ever had anyone come to fix your cable in Costa Rica, most of the time the first visit is just to confirm that there is something wrong, and then they come back the next day with the needed equipment to fix it.

This is payback for the “Snow Game” in Denver Colorado back in March, when officials continued the match despite the protests of the Costa Rican side. The U.S. won that one 1-0, and the Costa Ricans have apparently been plotting their revenge this entire time. In the mean time the Costa Rican side suffered another loss to the USA during the Gold Cup adding insult to injury.

It started at the airport. Where this tweet from Brian Straus said it all “Told that for past WCQs, USSF got priority lane in CR immigration. Not today. CR Gov’t plans to line them up w/ everyone else. Snow revenge.” Funny that the immaturity and unsportsmanlike conduct passes t the highest level of CR government.

This was the Scene at the airport at arrival.

After the arrival they needed to go find a practice site which is required of the hosting country. The Costa Rica federation of soccer recommended 3 training sites for US to use. All 3 turned the US down, forcing US to find one on its own. Then Costa Ricans didn’t provide game balls to US for training per usual protocol.usa costa rica soccer world cup qualfying

On game day cab drivers have agreed to slow traffic to a crawl on Friday, blocking the USMNT’s route. Which will be interesting since taxis are the only people in Costa Rica working on Friday afternoon. The rest of the country will be clocking out mentally from work about 10 am, talking about soccer the rest of the day and then imbibing as much a alcohol as possible getting ready for the game.

You need to remember most Tico males only find their balls after they have a few drinks in their system or they have 8 friends to back them up.

The sad part is the Costa Rican side has not proven then can beat the US team on the one place that it matters, on the field. At least this year…….

This should be a fun one. The US Men’s Soccer Team is 0-7-1 all-time in qualifiers in Costa Rica, and before March, hadn’t beaten them anywhere since 2005. On the other side, CR is still fuming from Jonathan Bornstein’s 95th-minute goal in 2009 qualifiers that bumped them out of the World Cup and the fact they lost in the snow in Colorado.

Jürgen Klinsmann calls it the “biggest game in the year 2013.”


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