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Costa Rica Is Helping Get to Mars

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is an influential part in getting to Mars, according to Senator William Nelson who is visiting Costa Rica along with STS-61-C crew members.

costa rica marsHe explained that Mars is the goal of modern space exploration.

Getting to the Red Planet is a job for the U.S., Russia, the European Union and even small nations such as ours. While the big countries tend to lead the logistics, discoveries and inventions from smaller countries are used.

Costa Rica’s Franklin Chang Diaz developed the plasma engine. That contribution to the race to Mars is recognized worldwide.

Chang is one of the renowned guests at the Workshop on Space Technology, taking place from March 7-12 in San Jose.

NASA believes that STEM education must be promoted and funded. It created an international internship program so that Costa Ricans and others can travel to the U.S. and work with them during the summer.

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