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Costa Rica is Again the Happiest Country in the World

San Jose, Costa Rica – I think that the items that are used to obtain this ranking do not take into effect the real happiness in Costa Rica. However, Costa Rica is again ranked as the happiest country in the world . The Index Happy Planet , every two years marks the level of happiness of the world’s countries named this morning Costa Rica in first place for the second consecutive voting, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.

This report measures three things: the welfare the nation’s residents say they have, life expectancy at birth and the ecological footprint of a nation. According to the document, Costa Ricans give a rating of 7.3 to welfare, life expectancy at birth is 79.3 years and the ecological footprint is 2.5 g per capita. The ecological footprint measures the actions that are done for the environment compared to the use and abuse of natural resources and environment damaging activities.

These features give Costa Rica a global rating of 64.0, Vietnam is at a rating of 60.4 and 59.8 with one of Colombia. The last three places are occupied Tasting, with 25.2 points, Chad, with a rating of 24.7 and Botswana with 22.5 points.

“The Happy Planet Index measures what really matters: long and happy lives today and the potential for good lives in the future. We have adhered to incomplete models that look only at economic development for a long time now,” he said in a statement.

Saamah Abdallah, a researcher at the New Economics Foundation, which conducts the index is of the same opinion.

“Countries like Costa Rica are at the top because its people live long and happy lives using only a fraction of the resources of the planet. This is an economic model that can actually lead to healthy lives, happy and sustainable,” he said in the statement release.

However, Marcs Nic himself said that these characteristics do not guarantee the happiness of all people.

“Costa Rica itself is the happiest country in the world, but is not a paradise, no place is. (…) Happiness is also a decision. A person can live in Costa Rica, a country that gives them all the people to be happy, and yet not. In contrast, another person can live in a country that does not give you tools for your happiness and be very happy, “he said then.

However, Lhaba Tshering, Bhutan’s government, which came to Costa Rica to talk about happiness, has a different view:

“The Happy Planet Index is based on international standards and this does not necessarily reflect that Costa Ricans feel happiness. To begin to measure the happiness of a people, must first be a definition of what makes a people happy. In the case of Costa Rica, the ideal is that the Government and people define what makes them happy and evaluate it based on the happiness of Costa Ricans. This should be done internally in each country, because the views from one country to another can vary a lot, ”

This is not happiness this is just an equation about how long you live and supposedly being green. It should be called the environmental long life rating. Nothing to do with happiness.

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One Comment;

  1. chris luke said:

    I can see the misconstrued information that you speak of. I can also see the average Tico being happy with their present day life. Without the knowledge that there is plenty of wealth, reward and education abroad to go around, I could see life as livable and sustainable for a Tico. However when you come from a nation where equal rights , economic freedom runs free, and fantasy is almost reality, you might be dumbfounded to grasp any feel to the mediocre almost less than ordinary lifestyle that the Tico lives

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