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Costa Rica International Film Festival Peace with the Earth

For 18 years, Costa Rica had the National Exhibition of Film and Video, but last night, the event became the International Film Festival Peace with the Earth, which runs through Aug. 4.  The National Theatre hosted the opening of the festival opened with a piano performance of the Minister of Culture, Manuel Obregon, accompanied by a video-Hernán Jiménez filmmaker.

Festival Internacional de Cine Paz con la TierraAs the first international film presented Chico and Rita. the renowned Spanish director Fernando Trueba. “I am very happy that through this festival could come to Costa Rica and I am very proud to open this festival,” said the director.

During the ceremony, two awards were given to important figures in cinema Costa Rica. First, we honored the late founding member of the Film Center, Victor Vega. His wife and children received the Jaguar statue of the festival.

Also the first director of the Center Cinema, Kitico Moreno, was awarded with a standing ovation from the audience. “After 30 years, finally give the place it deserves Film Center and now shines like a star in heaven,” said Moreno.

President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, attended the inauguration with her husband, José María Rico. “I think the festival is a great inspiration and bring directors of international stature, as is the director Trueba, is a great incentive for our producers,” said Chinchilla.

Meanwhile, the Costa Rican filmmaker Oscar Castillo said that other arts already had international festivals and film deserved his. “Whenever something is growing so benefit for the country,” he said.

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