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Costa Rica INS Employee Charged With Theft

Costa Rica News – I would please like to understand the common sense that is lacking from some of the government employees in Costa Rica. But I guess when you are getting $600 to $800 a month you want to see how much you can truly get away with. 

INS costa ricaAn INS official will be criminally charged with improperly transferring institution finds amounting to ¢105 million (about $210,000)  to bank accounts of third parties. I guess my question is how did she think that she would get away with this with the fact that all wire transfers are accounted for electronically.  If she was moving the money in suitcases perhaps she gets away with it but not electronic transfers.

The employee served as an officer for the auto insurance claims agency in Heredia until last Thursday, when she was fired.

The woman had used her power to make payments to divert money to accomplices, according to an INS investigation.

That investigation resulted Friday in a raid on the Branch by agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) who sought documents and evidence to support the charge of the INS.

Guillermo Constenla, president of the Institute, said yesterday that the Legal and Investigation Section will prosecute for embezzlement.

“The guideline is zero hesitation. We want people in the INS know that this type of action receives a very strong and immediate response, the person is dismissed, and has to defend himself in court, “said Constenla.

Institute President said he was unaware of the suspect’s name. “I just ordered her fired and requested the intervention of the OIJ,” he added.

Suspicions began last Monday, when an audit warned abnormal payments made by the ex-employee.

What is humorous to me is the fact that the INS as a whole will not allow a complete audit of their books, but I guess they are willing to allow it on an individual basis.  This probably gave the woman a reason to think that she too could steal money as funds were being misappropriated at the highest levels of the company.

While I do not agree with stealing at any level it is done throughout the Costa Rican government and like most government entities in Costa Rica it is “do as I say, not as I do.”

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One Comment;

  1. Tilaran said:

    Hey. It’s Pooooduh Veeeeeduh. The govt. and people LOVE Fhuh Keen thieves.When they smile and give you a kiss on the cheek, they’re actually looking over your shoulder and doing inventory.

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