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Costa Rica Incorporating Small Businesses with E-Commerce Websites Like Amazon

Costa Rica News – The Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer) has a program to incorporate small and medium businesses in Costa Rica to e-commerce sites including, iGourmet and Alibaba.

131 brands are considering possibilities in these three stores. 17 tech companies already sell products on Amazon.

8 other companies send products to Amazon’s warehouse to be sold by Amazon, in which case the sellers get paid every 15 days. iGourmet and Alibaba already have Costa Rican companies incorporated to their platforms.

Procomer’s program is about more than just getting products on sites.

It includes training in digital marketing and helps the companies prepare for eCommerce. Preparation includes how to comply with barcodes, English packaging and requirements of the United States Department of Food.

Companies can expect to benefit with more knowledge and increased sales.

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