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Costa Rica in Top 5 Off Peak Travel Destinations

Costa Rica News – Summer travel is often costly because it’s the busiest time to take a vacation. If you would like to avoid the crowds and the costs consider a destination that is off-peak during the summer season. Tropical places and those known for winter sports are not usually visited much during the summer months. There are 5 places you may consider traveling to in summer 2013 for off-peak pricing and interesting finds.

costa rica travel destination 1South Africa is where you can find “winter” in the summer along with finding elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalos, and leopards. A South African safari between June and September will have more pleasant weather. These months are cooler and less humid.  Prices typically drop about 25% during this low season.

Costa Rica has its green season during the summer. This does mean a little more rain, but also more beautiful green landscapes. Costa Rica Flights, hotels, and tours are cheaper during these months. Roundtrip from Denver is around $470! Delta, JetBlue, and United have recently added routes. More routes equal more savings!

St. Lucia is a tropical island that has easy to find discounted packages for the low season. There are also more flights available than there have been in the past. The visitors’ bureau is offering 40% on summer stays. Some hotels offer free breakfast during the summer as an added incentive.

Salt Lake City, Utah is known for snow sports. It’s also remarkably beautiful in the summer and has many national parks to explore. It’s one of the best cities to hike. Check out Bryce Canyon and Zion. There’s a new bike share program you can take advantage of. Nightly stays during the summer are under $100. In November the rates can soar to $250!

Baja California is a safe and lively area to visit. Don’t let reports of crime keep you from Mexico! You can enjoy great restaurants, vineyards, wildlife, and beaches. There has been a lower demand in recent years, which has led to lower prices. Cabo San Lucas and La Paz are nice choices in the area. There is a cruise offered by Oceana Cruises called Regatta which is a 21-day trip from San Francisco, through the Panama Canal, and to New York. While this usually costs $12,598, in August it goes down to a remarkable $4,299!

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