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Costa Rica Idiotic Government Seeks to Ban Minors from Shooting Ranges

Costa Rica News – Laura Chinchilla and her idiotic government is at it again.  La Nacion recently printed an article speaking of how children were learning to use guns at firing ranges in Costa Rica.  Learning to use and learn of the dangers of weapons by professionals in a controlled environment is not a bad thing. Instead of concentrating on the the poor education system, the teen pregnancy problem by teaching sex ed, the corruption in the government, Chinchilla has decided to waste more time in banning something else that might actually be helpful.

The Government of the Republic intends to prevent minors to be trained in handling weapons by passing another Costa Rican law. So just like sex education this should also be handled in the home. Chinchilla is a friggin idiot!

This was stated yesterday by the president, Laura Chinchilla, after a report by The Nation revealed that children as young as six years old are trained in shooting ranges, and that no law prevents it.

“Yesterday (Sunday) when I read the information, send an email to the Minister of Security (Mario Zamora) and Deputy Minister of Peace (Max Loría), noting two things: first, it is clear that there is a regulatory vacuum in this matter.

“Secondly, it is an issue that should be regulated,” said the president.

According Chinchilla it is not yet defined whether to completely ban access to training centers for children under 18, or if permission can be given by age or for training purposes. “I suggested a quick analysis and the issue of a comparative Costa Rica gun law,” said the president.

This is the overall reform proposal to the Arms Act that is pending under case 18050. and which is analyzed in the Safety Commission. “It was thought that those over 15 can bear arms, but not if less than ten years old,” said Loria. Where do they come up with these arbitrary ages?

The plan also has the backing of the fraction of the Citizen Action Party (PAC).

Carmen Muñoz, deputy and member of that fraction of the Commission, said that, for now, they want to completely ban weapons for those under 18. “We are looking at the possibility of regulating this for sports, but have not decided,” he said.

He added that the law would apply within firing range.

Does the Costa Rica government think that these minors are bringing their own gun to these firing ranges? So they jump on their bikes and are packing their glock in their school bag? No it is parents diving them to these ranges to teach them about guns in a controlled environment, and the Costa Rican government wants to pass another idiotic restrictive law that will cause more harm than good.  Way to think Chinchilla! Friggin Moron!


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