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Costa Rica Hosting Cirque du Soleil

Costa Rica News – This event coming to Costa Rica is very exciting and shows that Costa Rica is being put on the map for international events.  We can only hope that this sparks more culture being brought to Costa Rica from around the world. 

cirque-du-soleilThe colorful Cirque du Soleil will be presented to Costa Ricans starting May 31. Over 1,200 tons of equipment and 56 artists from the prestigious group will make their debut in Costa Rica at Hacienda Espinal, in San Rafael de Alajuela.

The group, which will bring the show Varekai. There will be approximately 23 performances between May 31 and June 15, according to the Mexican producer Ocesa.

Tickets will cost between ¢ 28,000 ($56)  and ¢ 134,400 ($268).  Tickets can be purchased at the website or by calling their number.

“For us it is very exciting to come. Costa Rica has a magical reputation. We are very comfortable with the idea of visiting and we hope to bring this production will be a vibrant spectacle that everyone will loveand blow everyone’s mind, “said Robert Mackenzie, director of Cirque du Soleil.

The Cirque du Soleil is a mobile city that is set up where ever they travel. there are three tents: one main, one that serves as an entrance to the circus and another for artists (wardrobe, dressing rooms, entertainment area and a physiotherapy room).

They also travel with a ticket office, school, office, kitchen, warehouse and three large generators that supply the entire show.

The circus big top has a capacity of 2,600 people and is 17 meters high and 50 meters in diameter.

If you are in Costa Rica and have the chance to attend one of these shows then I would definitely do so.

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