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Costa Rica Hospital Required to Improve Emergency Department

Costa Rica News – San Juan de Dios Hospital was given just 30 days to come up with a plan for its overcrowded emergency department.

fOTOGRAFAI:Meylin Aguilera

fOTOGRAFAI:Meylin Aguilera

The plan to solve this problem must be submitted to the Ministry of Health in that time frame.

The hospital has been around for 175 years and several departments are falling apart. There are small spaces and excessive demand for care. With the amount of insured people demanding services, substantial improvements are necessary at this health center.

The CCSS is working on a plan to build a new emergency room. The plan was originally to build a surgical critical care unit and units for burns and neurosurgery but these may no longer be the priority.

The investment may be more urgently needed to accommodate the influx of emergency cases.

Many organizations are involved in the planning for aspects such as financial management, architecture and engineering.

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