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Costa Rica Holiday Traditions -The San Jose Tope

Costa Rica News – As I ventured downtown today for a meeting I was greeted by a lot of traffic and many streets that were blocked off.  I had to ask what was going on.  I was quickly informed today was the San Jose Tope, also known as a parade with horses.  

If you were lucky enough to be downtown this afternoon you were surrounded by gorgeous women dressed in more or less cowgirl outfits. Picture in your head a latina Daisy Duke.  Of yeah and there  was a parade too.

Since very early hours of the morning, hundreds of families waiting on the sidewalks of Second Avenue and Paseo Colón for the 2012 San Jose Tope.

Although it was scheduled to start at 11:30 am, the parade began with about 5,000 riders at 12:30 pm.

“It’s a family tradition that celebrates the National Day of Cowboys (every December 26),” said Monge Johnny Araya, Mayor of San Jose, on his horse.

This year, the tope began in Plaza González Viquez, continue along Avenida Segunda,and finally ending on Paseo Colón.

For emergencies, the Red Cross put nine different care posts along the route and there are also mounted security forces t carry out special safety.

The Ministry of Health personnel will be giving fines for people smoking since it violates the new law that requires a fine for smoking at events with alot of people.

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