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Costa Rica High Income Supermarkets

Costa Rica News – This is no surprise as grocery an idea coming from a Costa Rican.  The idea is to make as much money as possible on people while doing their grocery shopping.  I am just wondering how really different these stores can be from the already high priced Automercados that cater to the rich gringos and Ticos in Costa Rica.

high income supermarkets costa ricaSupermarket chains Grupo Empresarial de Supermercados (Gessa) will launch its ‘premium’ Saretto Supermarket format, a shop it bought in 2012, once again in late May. “We’ll give Saretto a makeover this year and in 2014 we will begin expanding the brand,” said the manager of Corporate Relations.

Interesting it did not seem to work in 2012 but should work in 2014?

Meanwhile, Walmart is still in the process of converting their Mas x Menos (More for Less) store in their brand aimed at more affluent customers. The multinational has renovated 17 of its 29 local stores, as part of their Revolution program.

“With the changes, we are offering our customers a warm and comfortable ambiance, conveying attributes of freshness and quality,” said the Manager of Corporate Relations for Walmart.

Automercado is not slouching and plans to open three new locations this year in Guachipelín (in the District 4 project), in Alajuela (close to Hacienda Los Reyes), and in Santo Domingo.

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