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CR Has Zero Faith in Itself & It’s Employees

Costa Rica News – You have to love the Costa Rican government and it’s entities.  This time they show how much faith they have in governmental employees and people working for ICT, Costa Rica’s National Tourism Board.  Instead of addressing the fact that the ICT is not doing their job and getting rid of the entity they have decided to continue paying the ICT’s salaries and expenses and have someone else actually do the work they are supposed to be doing.

throwing away money costa ricaThat’s right basically the Costa ‘Rican government has decided that it would be easier to keep just to keep paying the all of the employees working for ICT that are supposed to be marketing and promoting the country as well as outsource groups and pay them thousands of dollars (the rumor is actually millions) to do the actual work.

They have already outsourced a lot of the promotion work to 22squared out of Georgia. The same company that pushes Orlando and Buffalo Wild Wings.  This is what they currently have done for Costa Rica. 

After talking a peek at their work and it really makes you wonder, really no one in Costa Rica is able to do this? Do the powers that be just do not want go through the process of hiring someone that has a website better than one most designers could have created in 5th grade? I have web developers that would charge like $200 to $300 to make a site like this. Where is the money from the Costa Rican government going?

Now it seems that the government of Costa Rica is going one step further and bringing on yet another group.  With the amount of money coming in from china for “gifts”, we can all assume that budgeting and regulating spending have flown out the door.

Costa Rica wants to promote its global tourism reach. They have moved their global PR account from Burson-Marsteller to Cheryl Andrews Marketing Communications. The agency was picked to oversee all public relations in the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and China after a competitive bid against other agencies in the U.S.

The agency plans to specialize in producing campaigns showcasing Costa Rica’s culture, variety of touristic activities, business and wedding options, and ecotourism initiatives. They will be in charge of all promotions between now and 2015.

The agency has an impressive resume, having worked with destinations in the Caribbean and Central America, including Anguilla and Trinidad and Tobago. It has successfully promoted many hotels. They will now be working together with the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s advertising agency…… guessed it 22squared.

Ladies and gentlemen if you used your SAT reading comprehension, you counted right;  Costa Rica now has three agencies that are being paid to basically do the same job.  But I guess when you have incidents like the murder of Jairo Mora then you will try anything to cover up the bad image the actions of the leaders of CR have displayed for this beautiful country recently.

For everyone that thinks that the government can spend your hard earned money better than you this is a prime example that if a government was running a business it would both fail and go bankrupt.


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