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Costa Rica Has No Intention to Investigate Sportsbooks & Offshore Gambling Operations

Costa Rica News – For all those operating sportsbooks in Costa Rica you do not need to worry about being investigated by Costa Rica, your only worry is going to be the USA.

sports betting costa rica sportsbooksThe Public Ministry of Costa Rica was considering investigating potential illegal online gambling and money laundering operations generated by such activity.

As gambling is not illegal in Costa Rica the issue should be clear.

It gets complicated because the United States is involved since its citizens are using Costa Rican platforms and sportsbooks to place bets, which is illegal in US territory.

Does the US have the power to determine what its citizens can and cannot do overseas?

The Prosecution of Money Laundering in Costa Rica refuses to even investigate onshore sportsbooks because they are legal in the country. They are not committing any offense by generating money in this way. No unlawful act is taking place.

Sportsbooks even pay the government a special tax.

As far as Costa Rica is concerned, money from online betting should only be the subject of investigation if there is a suspicion that the business is a front to launder money from a prohibited activity such as drug or human trafficking.

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