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Costa Rica Government Reaction to Karina Bolaños Video

Well like all things in Costa Rica there is always a hidden agenda behind the actions of Laura Chinchilla and her governmental posse. What is ironic to me is that the firing of Karina was done before any type of investigation.  Also there have been many things that Laura Chinchilla’s government has done that is much worse than this video.  They have stolen money, passed laws to kill the Costa Rica tourism industry, allowed shark finning in Costa Rican waters and the list goes on and on.  

Karina Bolanos VideoTwenty-six hours after it became known deputy minister’s dismissal Karina Bolaños for the dissemination of an intimate video of his, the Ministry of Culture issued a statement noting that the images could threaten government programs that she was in charge. Well we all know that this is BS.  Men in Laura Chinchilla’s government have done much worse than this and still retain their positions.

This was the justification given by the Minister of Culture, Manuel Obregon, whom the Office of the President delegated the responsibility to explain publicly the reasons that led to the president, Laura Chinchilla, to order the dismissal, so sharp, its deputy minister Youth.

Chinchilla reserved all the words. “I will not refer to the subject. Any other questions? “Was his only response when asked to explain the details, three hours after Bolaños decided to internationalize its case to give an interview to CNN in Spanish.

That interview was transmitted with a length of three seconds of video recorded apparently in a private hotel, which circulated on Monday in social networks, without knowing yet who publicly hung it on the YouTube network.

Bolanos, who decided not to give interviews to national media, claimed to be victim of extortion on the part of a computer that would have stolen that video of home computers. Told to pay money in exchange for not publishing it.

Bolanos said to CNN, between sobs, her husband, Rep. Heredia (PLN) Victor Hugo Viquez, hired him to place surveillance cameras and the man took the opportunity to obtain the data and then extort money.

That said there need to be ashamed and also said he feels “very sorry to the people of Costa Rica”, so they apologized.

He added, however, that he was lacking in support from Chinchilla and had no opportunity to defend.

The office of Bolanos, like the rest of deputy ministers and cabinet ministers are subject to the trust of the president, which gives it authority to dismiss them when they want without following any legal or administrative process.

This is supported by Article 139 of the Constitution and has endorsed the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that layoffs can be motivated for objective or subjective, said attorney Marco Durante.

The bulletin of Government recalled that in addition to intimate video, there is “a criminal complaint for alleged threats against a third file in which a judge ordered an injunction of protection for the whistleblower.”

That is, the Government believes it has objective reasons for the facts “affect the endowment that Ms. Bolaños wore as Deputy Minister of Youth, important programs could weaken his position and distract the necessary efforts required to drive the various policies public matter. ”

Although it was reported on Monday that the decision was made directly Chinchilla, the relativized statement yesterday: “These were the main reasons why the Ministry did not consider it appropriate that a public official of higher rank and appointment political, public policy continue to lead youth, childhood and teenage pregnancy in the country. These reasons were shared with the President of the Republic. ”

The official warned that the authorities never issued any opinion on it or on video, and regretted the “morbid broadcast media and social networks.”

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  2. gordon said:

    Lady Laura over reacted. Had a hidden agenda and wanted Karina fired! Article right on the other Diputados, Minister and her consultants have robbed, lied and misled the public. They also take their mistress to the local love motels. All this is business as usual and normal for the Tico’s here. Life goes on. Karina hang in there you have a beautiful spirit.

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