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Costa Rica Government Claims Lands for Orotina Airport

Costa Rica News – The Government has declared in a decree the properties that are required by public interest to use for the Orotina airport.

They are in the towns of El Mastate, Coyolar and La Ceiba, according to a technical study presented Wednesday.

The project is to cost $1,932 million and be ready in 2027, if all goes as planned, but it never does. Some estimate it will take until 2032 to be ready. In any case, the project will increase the value of local farms and bring more tourists.

$41.3 million is budgeted to purchase the farms needed. This may double as the real value of the land is declared.

The new air terminal could receive 7.8 million passengers in its opening year. It will have an area of 128,000 square meters and will grow with passenger demand to 224,000 square meters by 2044.

The estimate is that by 2047 there will be 20 million travelers generating 80,000 direct and indirect jobs. Currently, the country’s airports receive 5.8 million people per year.

One big question is that if it took 20 years to make a highway how are they going to make an airport in nine years?

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