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CR Gov. Official Drunk With Sea Turtle Eggs

Costa Rica News – Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you your ethical Costa Rican government officials. Right on the tail of the murder of Jairo Mora Sandoval for exposing the fact that sea turtle eggs are being used as narco-currency, we have our first idiot government official in Costa Rica caught with sea turtle eggs.

sea turtle eggs costa ricaThis solid member of the Costa Rican government was a MOPT offical. This is the group in charge of public works and transportation.  The same amazing group that was one of the main organizations involved with the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Border trail that is falling apart and being investigated for misappropriation of money.

The official with the last name Rojas obviously is a real winner.

He was pulled over at 11 am Sunday morning at a check point. He was both drunk and carrying sea turtle eggs.  That is pretty impressive, drunk at 11 am. He had either partied all night or started drinking really early, either way this guy is a solid example for the kids in Costa Rica.

Not only does this show that the Costa Rica government is ignoring the fact that this turtle egg poaching is a problem, it also shows that those involved in government know there are no consequences for stealing them.

Like most problems in Costa Rica the government is hoping that it just goes away as they do not want to actually do what needs to be done……this is to start an all out war against these drug traffickers.  The drug traffickers know that the government is bluffing about doing anything and business will go on as usual.

It has been almost 2 weeks since the death of Jairo Mora Sandoval and there are no leads and there is nothing being implemented by the Costa Rican government to stop this sea turtle egg poaching and use of the eggs as a part of a larger drug trade.

The “green” image that Costa Rica is promoting in order to bring in tourists and investors is about to be gone forever.  Conservation groups are now staying out of Costa Rica in fear for their lives.

The Chinese are gone….how about using some of that $1.5 billion to save the last bit of your eco friendly image Costa Rica?

I am not seeing how that new refinery is going to promote eco tourism in Costa Rica.


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