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CR Gourmet Restaurants; Café Blue

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican Times has decided to once a week introduce one of the top quality restaurants in and around Costa Rica.  There is only so many casados and gallo pinto that you can stomach. I also have a bottle of Tabasco in my bag to add flavor to the Costa Rican national cuisine. 

Café Blue  Restaurant Costa Rica

cafe-blue-costa ricaCafé Blue Restaurant is in the heart of the jungle. City folk might be skeptical that you can find fine dining out of an urban setting but Café Blue will make them believers!

The extraordinary setting in Monte Azul Boutique Hotel in Chirripo National Park is coupled with a creative and inspired menu, as it is part of Monte Azul’s center for fine art.

The concept is presenting comfort food in a simple fashion, yet served with care. Café Blue is proud to use only local seasonal food to create their menu. They add their own spin to Latin American, European, and Asian food. They have an organic greenhouse on the premises so much of the food is grown only steps away from the kitchen!

Each season the menu changes. What doesn’t change is that the food is fresh and cooked to perfection! Locally raised meats and fresh seafood are prepared in exotic ways that are simply delicious. The dishes are an imaginative twist on classic comfort food.

Café Blue only accepts guests by reservation. You may call them at 2742-5222 or email them at [email protected].

Soon you will be sitting at one of their enchanting candlelit jungle side tables or at the bar that glows a tropical blue!

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One Comment;

  1. Juan Eduardo said:

    While one class of Costa Rica citizen is concerned about the best restaurant in town, the majority of Ticos are working eight hour days for less than $20. and wondering where there next meal is coming from. The low minimum wages and the excessive import taxes imposed by government has resulted in Costa Rica no longer being the so called “Happiest place on earth”. Most Costa Ricans have absolutely no hope of ever purchasing a car or even owning a brand new applicance. All the best to the upper class elite families who can afford to eat in fancy restaurants, but we must not forget the suffering percentage of Costa Rica citizens.

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