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CR Girl Raped During Reforma Prison Visit

Costa Rica News – There are somethings that you read and then need to read again to actually take in the absolute insanity and stupidity of a situation.  Although the result of the following story was a tragic rape, it truly brings out the fact that changes need to be made in society.  Not only in Costa Rica but the world.  Stupidity is not limited to Costa Rica.

A 18-year-old Costa Rican woman entered a website with the intention of getting a job as a model, but in the end it resulted in being raped in the La Reforma prison in Alajuela.

According to the complaint of the victim, she accessed the site web , which offered modeling jobs. (probably not that site as there are no current jobs listed)

thinkThrough this site, it was requested the candidates their personal data and photographs. The candidates are made to believe that this would get them a modelling job. The  initial pictures requested were for her dressed in casual or sports wear.

Later, the girl received a call on her cell phone where a man asked other personal details and more photos. She willingly sent these requests.  The man then requested photos of the girl naked.  At this point she told the man no that he would not do that.

Because she would not send the nude pictures of herself, the girl said that the man started threatening her to hurt her and her family.

Hmmmmmm, think perhaps a red flag would be thrown up and that she would tell someone in her family….not in Costa Rica.

The man then told her that he wanted to arrange a meeting with her at the La Reforma prison on Saturday May 11th.  This was the day that prisoners were allowed to have family and friends visit them. He told her that he would say that he was being visited by his niece and that they could meet.

Ok, for all you people out there with more than one brain cell…..this is the part in the movie where the innocent girl walk out into the dark forest and you are yelling at the movie screen that the killer is behind the tree in front of her….she does not listen and we all know what happens next…..

Just to preface this girls…..if a man asks you for nude photos and threatens you and your family when you do not send them….DO NOT GO VISIT HIM ON FAMILY DAY IN PRISON!!!! You would think this would be common sense, but with the dumbing down of the planet, you cannot assume that the person has a functioning brain.

Moving On………..

The girl then went to visiting day at the prison and willingly went to another secluded part of the prison where the man had laid down a blanket.  She was then raped by the man while another prisoner video’d it.

There is so much wrong with this story.

Where was this girls family………dad……anyone? Why would they let her go do this?

Why are so many girls in Costa Rica dreaming of being a model instead of something that require an education?

If she did keep it secret why in the world did she not contact OIJ or the local police and tell them about the prisoner?

Why did he not tell someone when she arrived at the prison?

How are prisoners able to have internet access and the ability to run something like this?

This combines so many problems that need to be addressed in Costa Rica.

With one event it has shown the need for a better education system and hopefully with that better education system come better parenting.  There is also a huge need for prison reform in Costa Rica…….from talking to sources, the prisoners in CR get away with about what ever they want.

In no way do we think that this rape should have happened, it is a horrible and tragic event, but please let this show changes need to be made!



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