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Costa Rica Gasoline Stations Dispensing Less Fuel Than Paid For

Costa Rica News – Ever feel that your car is not going the distance, just as far after filling up? Just your imagination? Not if you filled at any of the 21 gasoline stations identified Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep) as short-changing customers.

Some have been doing it for some time, it appears.costa rica gas stations gas prices 1

The Aresep list of gasoline stations dispensing less fuel that what is being paid for:

  1. Servicentro Nicoya (Guanacaste)
  2. Estación de Servicio Danny Hayling (Limón)
  3. Servicentro Laurel (Puntarenas)
  4. Servicentro Cartago
  5. Súper Servicio ROHE (Desamparados)
  6. Delta Puriscal, Servicentro Metrópoli (Cartago)
  7. Servicentro Las Avenidas (San José)
  8. UNO La Begonia (San José)
  9. Servicentro Costa Caribeños (Limón)
  10. Total Heredia (Heredia)
  11. Estación de Servicio del Surco (Oreamuno)
  12. Legacy Holding (Jacó)
  13. Gasolinera Brunca (Puntarenas)
  14. Servicentro Florencia (San Carlos)
  15. La Favorita Santo Domingo (Heredia)
  16. Servicentro Metrópoli en Cartago had been shortchanging customers for two years. The Aresep said the filling station was found doing so in April 2015 and once again on the inspection of March 30, 2106.

Of the 761 inspections made in the first half of 2016 the number of irregularities with respect to the amount of fuel dispensed increased by 37.5% compared to those recorded in the first half of 2015.

The Aresep reports of several stations have had problems with contaminants: Estación San Juan de Tibás, the JSM in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste and Servicentro El Saino en San Carlos – found to have sediment in its diesel tank samples.

At the Servicentro Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, the Aresep found the station selling gasoline at higher that establishedprices, on May 30, 2016 the price at the pumps was ¢600 per litre then the official price was ¢502.

Gasoline prices in Costa Rica are regulated by the Aresep, the same gasoline (distributed by the Recope) is to be sold at the same price at all stations across the country.

From QCostaRica

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