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Costa Rica Gas Prices Going Down; Still Too High

Costa Rica News – There is some good news and bad news in regards to the gas prices in Costa Rica.  The good news is that the gas prices will be dropping this week in Costa Rica.  The bad news in that Diesel will be going up and that the gas prices are still way too high.  

gas prices costa ricaThe Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) approved a  decrease ¢31 and ¢27 per liter for regular and super gasoline, respectively.

Meanwhile, the diesel will increase ¢15,from ¢634 to ¢649.

The adjustment includes a methodology that takes into effect the price of petroleum products in the international market and the exchange rate of the dollar.

Prices stated in the resolution will be established as the following:

A liter of super will go from ¢752  to ¢721  and for regular it will go from ¢729  to ¢702.

The gas stations have 3 days to put these new prices into effect.

Now all of you that are used to paying for gas in gallons instead of liters and in  dollars instead of colones this might sound a little confusing to you so I will break it down in other terms. So before you get too happy let talk actual prices.

Let’s do this for Super since honestly it is the only gasoline I put into my vehicle in Costa Rica as I have heard that regular ruins your engine over time.

At ¢721 colones per liter and at a ¢500 exchange rate per dollar, this turns out to be $1.44 per liter.

There are 3.785 liters in a gallon.

This means that a gallon of gas in Costa Rica costs $5.45 per gallon.

Los Angeles is where some of the most expensive gas prices are for the USA.  The highest you will find premium gas in that area is at about $3.89 per gallon. Over a $1.50 less than Costa Rica.

Yes we are happy about not paying as much after this week but I think you might want to start thinking about reducing costs in this area as it increases the costs of everything in the land of Pura Vida.


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