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Costa Rica Fuel will Rise ¢30 per Liter in October

Costa Rica News – Well if you have a large SUV or truck in Costa Rica which takes a lot of gas to fill up then you might want to filll up before they raise prices in October.  For those that want these increase in terms of $s and gallons, it is about $0.22 a gallon increase.


Meanwhile, the diesel will rise by 33 ¢ per liter and cooking gas (LPG) will increase by 13 ¢ per liter.

The data were supplied by the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) based on calculations made the previous Friday.

The extraordinary adjustment model in fuel prices for a review of international prices and the exchange rate, the second Friday of each month. This in order to adjust the local costs to changes in external markets.

Also, pending the implementation of the adjustment for this month.

It represents an increase of 29 ¢ a liter of super, ¢ 33 in the plus ¢ 25 ¢ in diesel and LPG 11In.

The Aresep reported that the new list price will be sent this week to the National Press for publication in La Gaceta.

The new prices apply on the day following its disclosure in the newspaper.

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