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Costa Rica Food Week

Costa Rica Entertainment – Food Week is a time of gourmet passion a la carte all over the world and now that will include, for the first time, Costa Rica. The first edition of Food Week here will aim to promote gastronomic culture.

The offering includes ethical diners through the proposals of 18 restaurants and their well known chefs.

The main idea is to show us that food is not just something of necessity but rather of art.

Costa Rica’s going overboard for its first Food “Week,” offering it for the whole month of July.

This way, you can potentially hit all 18 of the participating restaurants.

Reporters will surely share the gestures seen after someone takes a first bite or after a couple shares a romantic gastronomic experience.

Some examples of what to expect include lomito sealed in butter, corvina with coconut puree, tacu tacu of lentils and quinoa, medallions of fried potato, spicy fried rice and the best cream and wine sauces.

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