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Costa Rica Food Bank Helps Over 6,000 People Each Month

Costa Rica News – Although we print a lot of things negative about the Costa Rican government their are entities here in Costa Rica that are very helpful for the local population.  The first food bank has been formed in Costa Rica with the support of 10 private companies and it provides free meals to some 6,000 poor people per month.

Their profits are not economic but social. It opened in March.

Ten companies came together to donate food and volunteer work and thereby serves each month about 6000 people living in poverty.

The bank distributes food through social organizations.

The organizations are receiving food: soup kitchens, rehabilitation centers for men and women, homeless centers, children and indigenous.

The food bank gets nearly 3,500 hours in volunteer work with various collaborators each month.

Companies and organizations can come to the food bank to help or to be beneficiaries of this loving arm.

The entity has the goal of reaching a distribution of 1040 tons of products in 2013.

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