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Costa Rica Flora & Fauna Online Directory

Costa Rica News – A virtual library of the six million or so species reported in Costa Rica is now at the touch of a click for free to the public as well as organizations responsible for research, education and conservation decision making.

costa rica fauna 1The flora and fauna are on a new digital platform known as the Atlas of Biodiversity of Costa Rica and is found at

This portal is a system integrated from many institutions.

It is accessible in both English and Spanish. It allows queries and displays downloadable data and maps as well as six million records and 50,000 images of plants, fungi, lichens, arachnids, birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles, mollusks, mammals and nematodes.

This tool provides information such as the prediction of the spread of pests and invasive species as well as the areas in need of protection due to housing rare or endangered species.

It also gives data by species such as life cycles and feeding and breeding habits.

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