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Costa Rica Fishermen Replanting Mangroves

Costa Rica News – Over the last two years, fishermen and local organizations have come together to plant seedlings in the mangroves of the Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica’s south Pacific, in hopes of reforestation.

costa rica mangrovesThey hope this act will counteract the damage that’s been caused by pollution dragged into rivers from higher lands as well as from poor agricultural practices.

There is also hope that it will help protect against climate change.

The mangrove is essential to the surrounding coastal communities.

It is both a natural heritage and a place to make a living for those involved in fishing, clamming and shellfish and Mollusc extraction.

This is part of the Blue Carbon Community Program, which has two nurseries in the area, in Colibrí and Conte beaches, to care for plants until they reach a certain size and can be replanted in the mangroves. Students from 11 schools are involved.

Post-seeding, the plants are monitored for six months to ensure survival.


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