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Costa Rica Fire Department Using New Alert System

Costa Rica News – As long as they can get through Costa Rica traffic, they might be able to put out some fires.

costa rica fire engine 1The fire department tested for a month a new system to alert drivers on the road.

It´s a special low frequency sound that generates a vibration in the windows of cars when the windows are closed.

The speakers are placed in front of the fire truck in the center of the bumper. The devices have a range of 150 meters. These low frequency speakers are used in addition to sirens and whistles.

The idea is to have a way for all drivers to know if a fire truck is coming. Some drivers listen to such loud music that they don´t hear sirens. This is dangerous as it causes delays in response time to emergencies.

The pilot scheme is only happening in the center of San Jose. The idea, of course, is that if it works well it will be used throughout the whole country.

Each device comes at a cost of ¢50 million.

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